Sequel (2000)

Sequel, Greenberg’s danse-noire quartet, adds “a new element of lyricism—even romanticism—to the choreographer’s palette” (Chris Pasles, The Los Angeles Times). Continuing Greenberg’s experimentation with narrative in dance, the work draws raw movement material from videotaped improvisations of Greenberg dancing to some of Bernard Herrmann’s most romantic film music, the suspenseful and melodramatic score to Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Greenberg uses the devices of flashback, freeze frame and slow pan as a structural point of departure, and employs an extravagant and sensual movement language to create an ongoing field of activity into which isolated fragments of narrative are etched.

Sequel premiered at The Joyce Theater in New York City
24 minutes, four dancers
Music: Bernard Herrmann (excerpts from Vertigo)
Lighting: Michael Stiller
Music Remixes: Zeena Parkins
Costumes: Liz Prince
Originally Performed by: Ori Flomin, Neil Greenberg, Justine Lynch, Paige Martin

  1. “The expansive silences of Neil Greenberg
    proved how incredibly sublime textural and communicative movement, all by itself, can be. It was a delight to spend an evening with the finely honed wit and movement sensibility of Greenberg… The movement winds around and doubles back upon itself (it is a mystery, after all), allowing us the space to marvel at its imagistic power, and the dancers’ ability to imbue even the vaguest gesture with multiple textures and meanings. ”
    Sara Wolf, LA Weekly
  2. “What makes Sequel such a beauty
    is the integration of sound and silence, movement, color and light… Mr. Greenberg is softly dreamy, as if in another world.”
    Jennifer Dunning, New York Times
©Tom Brazil
©Johan Elbers
©Johan Elbers

Sequel was commissioned by the 2000 Altogether Different Fund for New Works, sponsored by The Joyce Theater Foundation, Inc. Additional support for Sequel was provided by the New York State Council on the Arts, The Harkness Foundation for Dance, the James E. Robison Foundation, the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Art and the Purchase College Faculty Support Fund.